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What the Washington Redskins Can Learn From the Country Music Awards

1. My musical tastes are all over the map, and while there is plenty of country music I don't particularly care for, there is plenty that is worth listening to. As far as awards shows go, the American Country Music Awards figured out a long time ago that the time is far better spent putting on performances than watching people give acceptance speeches. So if you are a fan of country music and you tune into this event, you are going to see almost nothing but live acts, and very, very few acceptance speeches.

2. It occurred to me that over the last handful of years, some of our Redskins teams have kind of reversed this. It seems that instead of the live performances on the Sunday stage, we were more often watching guys spout off. Granted, there has been plenty to spout about. But week after week, a radio interview or sound bite from a Redskin would inevitably cause us to feel that awkward feeling everyone gets when a guy has been on stage too long, thanking people from his childhood.

3. Some of the awards shows have gotten pretty cutthroat about starting to play music when the person goes on too long at the microphone. Maybe we need that in Ashburn. As soon as you hear someone like Haynesworth start going on about not being a slave there should be an entire orchestra that starts playing very loudly in the background.

4. What song would you want to have as the "play off tune" to drown out the insanity at Redskins Park? I'm going to vote for "Badlands" by Bruce Springsteen.

5. We shouldn't be allowed to call it "Play off music"...we should have to call it something like "Mathematically eliminated from the stage" or something.

6. I still remain optimistic that we have award-winning seasons ahead of us. We just need to get our energy focused on the game, and not the self-promotion, whining and moaning. That might just be crazy enough to work.