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Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay Have Redskins Taking RB Ryan Williams in 2nd Round

So far, Mayock and Kiper were the most accurate first round mock drafters at around 28%. They both just released their 2nd round mocks to the Redskins taking:

Kiper: Torrey Smith and Ryan Williams
McShay: Kaepernick and Ryan Williams

There are so many different ways this could play out I don't want to even think about. Torrey Smith's knock is he has trouble with the underneath routes. Greg Little is an interesting WR option.

I'm still sticking to trading back again, or drafting OL/OL/NT...any order of those three. I tweeted this earlier and I'm sticking by it, "I'm bring an extra pair of boxers to the bar tonight in case the Redskins draft a Nose Tackle and Center."