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NFC East 2011 NFL Draft Roundup

Players view of the draft. (via @<a href="!/si_vault" target="new">si_vault</a>)
Players view of the draft. (via @si_vault)

So, the Redskins added a MUCH needed pass-rusher to their defense. What did our NFC East foes do?

Cowboys - #9 - Tyron Smith

For the first time in 30 years, the Cowboys used their 1st-round pick on an offensive lineman: Tyron Smith. Right Tackle Marc Columbo is basically a battered blob. Coaches have already said Tyron will take the LT spot and they will move Doug Free to the right side. Based on their comments thread, I couldn't find one fan that disliked the pick.

Eagles - #23 - Danny Watkins

The Eagles drafted Danny Watkins, a firefighting Guard who will be protecting Michael Vick's blind side. Eagles fans seem to be split on the pick with the big downfall being that Watkins will be 32 years old when his rookie contract ends. Either way....the NFC East is building up their offensive lines. The Redskins need to do the same.

Giants - #19 - Prince Amukamara

"I actually never talked to the Giants. I didn't visit there and they didn't work me out," Amukamara said after hearing his name called.

Jerry Reese said he was in shock when Amukamara fell that far to them. It's an interesting pick. The Giants CB is not their biggest need and Anthony Castanzo and Mark Ingraham were still on the board. All the fans are giving it an A+ in poll voting. Check out the picture (link above) from his stage appearance. It reminds me of Coming To America. Anyway, given Rex's love for bad throwing, it helps that Amukamara has Carlos Rogers hands.

All said and done, I think the Redskins had the best draft despite all 4 teams doing well.