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Was the Shanaplan Revealed Last Night?

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First off...WHOA...what a fun draft night. There were a lot of surprises and a lot of intrigue. I think the majority of Redskins Nation got what they wanted at the number ten spot, a trade back for more picks! As Bruce Allen's fake twitter feed said:  "That's right, fans, who's your daddy?"

It's truly strange to have a seemingly competent front office. For a second I thought maybe Vinny took over the Falcon War Room. Any ways what did we learn from last night?

1: Mike Shanahan was clearly not a fan of Blaine Gabbert. No one expected Gabbert to drop to #10 and Shanny wanted no part of him when he dropped there. Now we have to agonize over the course of Gabbert's time in Jacksonville and hope he doesn't become the next Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. I think we're safe.

2: Donovan McNabb may very well be your starting QB in September.  As I saw the QBs fly off the board in the first twelve picks I couldn't help but wonder: A) Are we going to pick Gabbert, Kap, or Dalton in the second? and B) Who is left for Donovan McNabb to go to?  A lot of the potential destinations for McNabb were filled last night and I doubt he wants to go somewhere to mentor a guy for a year or two. Arizona is still a possibility, but it is my understanding that they already have a deal in place or an "understanding" for Marc Bulger to return back to NFC WEst and lead the Cards.  Maybe McNabb was the biggest smoke screen of all this offseason? I keep going back to the contract extension, why would ShanAllen offer it if they really didn't want the guy. Also, I was asked last night why McNabb would want to come back to DC, my answer? There are 10 MILLION reasons why!

3: Does the Kerrigan pick mean Carlos Rogers is coming back? Some more pure speculation, but picking Kerrigan at #16 could signal Carlos Rogers' return to the Redskins. Why? Well the number one value on the board at the time was Prince Amukamara and instead of taking him the Redskins let him slip further to a division rival. This signals in my mind that ShanAllen have a plan for the CB position with Rogers in mind or maybe elsewhere. I've been harping on people mentioning Nnamdi Asomugha, but what if a lot of the CB spots around the league are shored up after today? Maybe DC does become a more viable option for Asomugha.

4: Could the 4-3 make a comeback? Just thinking about a line with Orakpo, Haynesworth, Carriker (?), and Kerrigan made me salivate last night.

5: I really like the Kerrigan pick, I'm sure a lot of you already knew this. I've been high on this guy as a Redskin since November. He is high character guy and a hard worker. The knock you are going to hear from the whiners critics is his pass coverage skills. I'm not as worried about this because of the OJ Atogwe signing, for the first time in a long time we have a competent coverage safety who can help the OLBs out in coverage.

Of course a lot of this could change tonight with our TWO (!!!!) second round picks! It should be exciting and very fun to watch starting at 6PM tonight. Could we trade back again? Maybe grab a guy like Stanzi? Devlin?

Also, for those interested Kerrigan will be introduced at noon today, I'm sure CSN and has you covered. HTTR!