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2011 NFL Draft Results - Redskins Get "A" for Round 1 Grade

Ryan Kerrigan...your backfield specialist.
Ryan Kerrigan...your backfield specialist.

I went into this draft with the Redskins needing to do two things for this to be a success: Trade back and draft anyone BUT a Quarterback. Well, I'd say that was a whopping success. For all the smokescreens Shanahan threw up, back in February he was spot on with the Redskins #1 need

I think [outside pass-rusher] ranks right at the top. Obviously when you have any consistent defense, using the 3-4, you've got to have two great outside pass-rushers, a great nose tackle and a great safety.

OK! So we're two for three right now and sitting pretty to get that Nose Tackle with one of our two second round picks. What I like about Kerrigan:

  • He is a strip sacks specialist who became the Big 10's all time leader with 14 forced fumbles as a Senior.
  • Tied for second all-time at Purdue with 33.5 sacks ... 5th in Purdue history in tackles for loss with 57.0.
  • He will be moved around all over the field
  • Orakpo is not the only guy teams have to game plan for now

Shanahan on Kerrigan:

He is "big enough, he's strong enough, he's played in the three-point stance before. He can go inside, outside. He's used to playing with his hand down, so it's a big plus for us."

What I don't like about the pick...

He's never been in coverage before. Kerrigan at the combine:

I played a 4-3 defensive end in college, so I don't have too much experience with it. But in my training for the combine I've been working on a lot of drops from a 3-4 linebacker standpoint and I feel I've made a lot of strides with that. When you're a 4-3 defensive end you drop back in pass coverage occasionally, but not too often. Whereas with a 3-4 linebacker you drop back quite a bit. I think that will be the biggest adjustment.

I was a bit perturbed last night that we took Kerrigan over Anthony Castanzo or Phil Taylor. Lorenzo Alexander, Chris Wilson, Rob Jackson I thought could hold down OLB next year while we fill other needs, but the coaches felt different. I'm really curious to know what would have happened if the Dolphins had taken anyone else but Mike Pouncey at the #15 pick before us (likely another trade back). Either way, this pick will look a lot sexier once the NT is drafted in the 2nd round, and it's really hard to dislike this pick.  

Welcome to Washington, Ryan Kerrigan. Make us proud.

Full 2011 First Round Draft results:

1. Carolina Panthers; Cam Newton; quarterback; Auburn
2. Denver Broncos; Von Miller; outside linebacker; Texas A&M
3. Buffalo Bills; Marcell Dareus; defensive tackle; Alabama
4. Cincinnati Bengals; A.J. Green; wide receiver; Georgia
5. Arizona Cardinals; Patrick Peterson; cornerback, Louisiana State
6. Atlanta Falcons (from Cleveland); Julio Jones; wide receiver; Alabama
7. San Francisco 49ers; Aldon Smith; defensive end; Missouri
8. Tennessee Titans; Jake Locker; quarterback; Washington
9. Dallas Cowboys; Tyron Smith; offensive tackle; University of Southern California
10. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Washington); Blaine Gabbert; quarterback; Missouri
11. Houston Texans; J.J. Watt; defensive end, Wisconsin
12. Minnesota Vikings; Christian Ponder; quarterback; Florida State
13. Detroit Lions; Nick Fairley; defensive tackle; Auburn
14. St. Louis Rams; Robert Quinn; defensive end; North Carolina
15. Miami Dophins; Mike Pouncey; offensive center; Florida
16. Washington Redskins (from Jacksonville); Ryan Kerrigan; defensive end; Purdue
17. New England Patriots (from Oakland); Nate Solder; offensive tackle; Colorado
18. San Diego Chargers; Corey Liuget, defensive tackle; Illinois
19. New York Giants; Prince Amukamara, cornerback; Nebraska
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Adrian Clayborn; defensive end; Iowa
21. Cleveland Browns (from Kansas City through Atlanta); Phil Taylor; defensive tackle; Baylor
22. Indianapolis Colts; Anthony Castonzo; offensive tackle; Boston College
23. Philadelphia Eagles; Danny Watkins; offensive guard; Baylor
24. New Orleans Saints; Cameron Jordan; defensive end; California
25. Seattle Seahawks; James Carpenter; offensive guard; Alabama
26. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta through Cleveland); Jonathan Baldwin; wide receiver; Pittsburgh
27 Baltimore Ravens; Jimmy Smith; cornerback; Colorado
28. New Orleans (from New England); Mark Ingram, running back; Alabama
29. Chicago Bears; Gabe Carimi; offensive tackle; Wisconsin
30. New York Jets; Muhammad Wilkerson; defensive end; Temple
31. Pittsburgh Steelers; Cameron Heyward; defensive end, Ohio State
32. Green Bay Packers; Derek Sherrod; offensive tackle; Mississippi State