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Who are the Redskins Free Agent targets?

Could the NFL offseason get any more wild and crazy? We have the potential for free agency to open up tomorrow at the same time the second round of the draft will start. How does Bruce Allen even approach this?

First off I don't think Free Agency will start tomorrow, rather Monday, from what I'm hearing. I think this is great for the Redskins because it gives them a chance to focus solely on the draft, get your players and then fill your holes via free agency. But drafting tonight those FAs have to be drifting into Bruce Allen and Shanahan's heads when they consider picks, right? So what do you do? Draft as if nothing is going on? Focus on Free Agents? Focus on signings? Where do the Redskins priorities lie and who do they target?

Lets put the draft aside and say free agency opens up Monday.

Priority #1 and phone call #1 has to go out to Santana Moss. He's a leader and game changer and should remain in the burgundy and gold! WR will be the most interesting position to see unfold, there is a lot of 2-5 round WR talent in the draft, as well as a lot of talent in guys like Sidney Rice and Mike Sims-Walker in free agency.

Priority #2: If we don't draft a RT tonight or tomorrow morning then call #2 has to be to Jammal Brown or Ryan Harris. I don't care which, but one of them needs to be signed pronto.

The rest is a virtual wishlist, for me its get rid of your distractions (cough AH, DMac cough) and sign some quality role players, NO BIG TIME Free Agents!

Man, this should be a fun couple of days/weeks!