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2011 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Picks Prince Amukamara for Redskins at #10

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- 6'0 - 206 lbs, 6/6/89
- 2010 Big Ten Twelve Defensive Player of the Year
- Started 31 of 49 games in his 4 seasons -161 tackles, 5 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles.

When it comes to mock drafts, no one is more respected and consistently accurate in the business than the Bleacher Report Mike Mayock. The guy breaks down film and understands the pro-game, so when he talks, I listen. In his final mock draft, the NFL Network expert has the Redskins taking Nebraska Cornhusker Cornerback (impossible to say 3x fast), Prince Amukamara:

Do the Redskins think about a quarterback here? Maybe. But cornerbacks Carlos Rogers and Phillip Buchanon are both set to be free agents. If I'm Mike Shanahan, I look at Amukamara as one of the most gifted players in the draft and an immediate help.

First, one of his weaknesses is interceptions. So, we let a first round draft pick walk via free agency because he can't catch, and then we draft one #10 overall. BRILLIANT. (more on that and stats after the jump).

In a quick digression, I can't believe we've been so focused on Quarterbacks all week, month, off-season that the Cornerback position slipped our mind. Will Carlos return via free agency? Don't count on it. Haslett spent the entire off-season beating the "force turnovers" drum, and all the players echoed that importance. So, who was the weak link in turnovers? Carlos. If you're an opposing Offensive Coordinator, throwing to Carlos' side only makes sense since there's almost no chance he'll catch it if it's a bad throw. Rogers' coverage skills are respectfully above par, but not good enough to pay a guy the top dollar he's demanding.

So, what about Kevin Barnes? I've never held my breath for this kid. The jury is out, but there's no way the Redskins can go into camp with just Barnes and an average free agent CB.

Amukamara's strengths and weaknesses after the jump:

I haven't watched a lick of film on Prince, so I'll let the experts weigh in.

Strengths (via

Amukamara has the size, speed and awareness to start from day one and turn into one of the league's finer players at the cornerback position. Takes advantage of his instincts and smarts in zone coverage but also has the ability to hold up when asked to cover on an island. Possesses good overall ball skills and hands. Will help out and support the run. Durable, aggressive, competitive and hard-working. No major weaknesses in his game, but isn't a true burner in terms of straight-line speed.

Weaknesses (via Sun-Sentinel):

He has short arms and small hands, which might explain why he didn't record an interception as a senior. Also gets caught with eyes in the backfield too often.

Wow, those weaknesses reek of a cloned Carlos Rogers (great athletic skill and a repellant for INTs). Bill Parcells also mentioned the short arms as a concern on ESPN. Stud CB, Joe Haden, drafted by the Browns last year is 5'11, 193 lbs, with 32 ¾ inch arms. That means Haden's arms are almost 3 full inches longer.  I'm instantly getting flashback nightmares to Andre Johnson's jump ball TD over Reed Doughty. So, again, this pick is a head scratcher for a defensive coordinator that thrives on turnovers. 

According to Prince's wiki page, he is of Royal Nigerian descent, which means I'm pretty sure I've received emails from his relatives the last few years asking for money.

Expect 15 other mock drafts to change their picks to Prince tomorrow, too.