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Bill Parcell's Draft Board

As I mentioned before, ESPN's Bill Parcells Special last night was excellent. For those who could not watch here was his draft board for a number of prospects:

1st: Newton, Gabbert
2nd: Mallett, Ponder, Locker
3rd: Dalton, Kaepernick

1st: Green, Jones
2nd: Smith, Cobb, Young
3rd: Hankerson, Baldwin, Pettis, Jernigan, Gates

1st: Ingram
2nd: Williams, Thomas, Leshoure
3rd: Murray, Hunter

1st: Rudolph
2nd: None

1st: Solder, Smith, Castonzo
2nd: Sherrod, Reid
3rd: Cannon, Carimi, Ijalana

1st: None
2nd: Watkins, Wisniewski
3rd: Carpenter, Rackley
4th: Boling, Moffitt

1st: Pouncey
2nd: None
3rd: Hudson
4th: Fusco

1st: Watt, Bowers, Heyward, Jordan, Quinn, Clayborne
2nd: Bailey, Acho
3rd: Ballard, Sheard, McPhee
4th: Romeus

1st: Dareus, Fairley, Taylor, Wilkerson
2nd: Liuget, Paea, Austin
3rd: Nevis, Ellis, Powell, Jenkins

1st: Miller, Smith, Kerrigan
2nd: Ayers, Moch, Houston

1st: Irving
2nd: Wilson, Carter
3rd: Matthews, Sheppard, Homan
4th: Jones, Sturdivant

1st: None
2nd: Moore, McDaniel

1st:  Peterson, Amukamara
2nd: Smith, Williams, Brown, Harris

My biggest takeaways from the board:

  • Only 2 1st Round QBs: Parcells was asked about this and what if you're a team that needs a QB and Gabbert and Newton are gone. He said you're basically SOL and have to bite the bullet and draft a QB or they will all be gone
  • Carimi with a 3rd Round grade
  • Jah Reid's highest rating I've seen
  • Brooks Reed has a 4th Round grade
  • WR rankings are very interesting

I think a lot of these ratings are spot on though.