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Latest Rumors, Notes, Quotes from Redskins Park & Wes Bunting's Latest Mock

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Have you ever been on a crowded airplane next to a baby crying screaming for dear life and all you can do is sit there helpless in your middle seat considering you'd might be OK with the plane crashing just for the noise to end? That's kind of how I feel right now with all the mock draft, smokescreens, and rumors. I'm very aware I make my own bed as I'm the one on Twitter pumping out daily posts on the draft. Regardless, the lack of free agency and any non-Haynesworth-related groping news is driving me up the wall. Luckily, the plane is in the final descent  and our table trays are up.

Mike Shanahan addressed the media at Redskins Park and gave his best presser to date: over 20 minutes of absolute nothing. The highlights were that he confirmed what we already knew: TE and FS are the only non-team needs, trading up without 3rd and 4th picks is "very unrealistic," the QB class is "deeper than he's accustomed to," and Shanny has "3 or 4 guys" targeted at the #10 spot. 

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post released his final mock draft and has the Redskins taking Cameron Jordan at #10. Remembering that pre-draft last year the Redskins grilled Malcolm Kelly and Lendy Holmes, Trent Williams former teammates, about the Left Tackle's work ethic reminded me to ask Lorenzo Alexander if Shanahan had asked him about Jordan at all and what he thought of the standout Defensive End?

Alexander: "I love Cam. I'll talk him up all day. I know a lot about him. My home boy who I played college with is the DLine coach there, Tosh Lupoi. I've got to watch him from afar and grow. I'd love for him to come here and be dominant.

Have the Redskins done any background checks on Cam Jordan with you?

No they haven't done that. I don't think I'm a high enough profile player to ask my opinion. He's a great dude and a great kid.  Smart kid. I'd love for him to get drafted and play for us."

So there you have it. Clear as mud, still.

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