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Daily Slop: Former Redskin Rickie Harris Arrested; Champ Bailey Best #7 Pick All-Time

NFL owners are wrong, and don’t get it - The Washington Post
Another grand-slam article by Sally Jenkins on how the NFL owners really botched the negotiations.

Former Redskin Rickie Harris: Dementia or drunk driving? - The State of NoVa - The Washington Post
Former Redskin Rickie Harris is facing mandatory jail time for his third drunk-driving arrest in five years. His lawyer says Harris suffers from dementia from his years in the NFL. Fairfax prosecutors aren’t so sure. Blogs " Blog Archive Mayock: Teams either buy into QBs or don’t "
NFL Network mock draft board has Redskins taking Tackle Anthony Castanzo (saw it here first).

Tony Kornheiser finally weighs in on the Dan Snyder City Paper lawsuit - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
If you care about his it is. I definitely was a little surprised he blasted Snyder.

Parks Note: Don't mean to hijack the slop today, but if anyone saw the Bill Parcells draft special then that would be a great talking point today. If you didn't see the special then I HIGHLY recommend it.

Chris Cooley played flag football this week - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Same league as Macho Harris played in.

A quarterback has gone 5th or higher in last 10 drafts: NFL Draft History |
NFL Draft History: A quarterback has been chosen fifth or higher in the last 10 NFL drafts.

Choosing best picks by draft order - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Champ Bailey wins best 7th pick overall in the history of drafting. Good thing we traded him.

Chad Ochocinco tweets 'time is up' with Cincinnati Bengals - ESPN
On A.J. Green with No. 4 overall pick in the NFL draft...."He'd be perfect," Ochocinco tweeted. "I've done all I can, my time is up. - No snap decision (yet) in Redskins' strategy
Every single expert has Shanny taking a different QB.