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Nose Tackle Phil Taylor's Foot 100% Cleared

I have Nose Tackle as the Redskins #1 need with QB #2. There was a lot of buzz that Phil Taylor's foot injury was a cause for concern, but as Peter King wrote yesterday, it's fine:

Ten days ago, it was reported Taylor had a problem with two bones growing together in the foot, a problem surgery was unlikely to help. But last week, Taylor was examined by San Francisco team doctors and given an X-ray, and he said he was told the foot was not a problem. In fact, the team gave the foot a clean bill of health, and the only health-related question the Niners had was about an old shoulder injury that also isn't considered a problem.

"That report came out of left field,'' Taylor said. "I haven't had any pain in my foot. There's nothing wrong with it. And those doctors [in San Francisco] confirmed that, so now nobody should have any questions about it.''

Taylor won't make it out of the first round, so if the Redskins could somehow trade back, they could net multiple starters for some time to come (instead of a QB that will ride the pine and no 2012 1st round draft pick). I was excited for I'm more nervous. I'm tired of hating my team.