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Who will be the Redskins Starting QB in Week 1?

The wait is almost over… By Friday morning we could know the direction Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan want to take this franchise. Right now there are some guys I absolutely don’t want and some guys I will love to have, but even if it is a guy I detest as a pick I will open my arms and embrace them as a Redskins (as any good homer would do). An interesting thought popped in my head last night, if we draft a quarterback Thursday night then who the heck is going to train this guy?

Assuming the lockout continues then our new QB can’t get his hands on the playbook and can’t talk to any of the coaches. So who does that leave that can mentor this young man?

I guess the logical answer would be Rex Grossman. But Rex isn’t even under contract and I have no idea what kind of a teacher and teammate he is. I guess it was a good sign that he was at the team workout last week, but still a lot could happen. At this point he has to be the most logical pick to start versus the Giants in Week 1. I just don’t see a rookie picking up the NFL and our offense quick enough, especially with no coach at his availability.

There are still small sectors of Redskins Nation that think Donovan McNabb will be back. I’ve seen crazier things happen, but this is still a pipe dream at this point. Donovan has probably booked several Love Boat cruises on Lake Minnetonka. And could you imagine him taking on an apprentice in DC? Yea that would just be awesome…

I guess there is always John Beck?

So saddle up ladies and gentleman, it looks like one way or another we’re in for a performance from Sexy Rexy come September 11 versus the Giants.