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Last 2011 SB Nation Mock Draft Has Redskins Taking, Sigh, Jake Locker

According to Charley Casserly, drafts are measured by whether that player is a starter after 4 years. In the final SB Nation mock draft (with 5 trades), the Redskins are unable to trade back and select Jake Locker. *Sigh*. I'm not going down that road again.

Am I the only one that notices whenever ProFootballTalk, Mike Lombardi, or any big named media outlet says the Redskins are interested in a guy, all the mock drafters change their picks? I'd like to know what percentage of mock drafters watch film beyond games on Saturdays in the Fall? Several do like Doug Farrar and Wes Bunting, but all the mock drafts seem to be a leader of the pack type of thing. When Kiper posts a new name, a lot of the mocks follow.

I researched last year's mock drafts to see the hit rate on the Jaguars, who originally had the #10 overall pick and selected  DT Tyson Alualu. I can't find a single draft that correctly picked Alualu.

Mel Kiper had the position correct, but had Derrick Morgan early and often. Guess who else did:, Bleacher Report, and dozens of other blogs we've never heard of. The other big names had:

Don Banks of ESPN:  C.J. Spiller (but I give him props for nailing Trent Williams).

Todd McShay: Earl Thomas

SB Nation Writers Mock Draft (Jaguars website): CB Joe Haden

A few mocks had Jason Pierre-Paul at #10. In short, I'd be surprised if Locker or Julio Jones ends up a Redskin.

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