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Previews on Some 7th round and Undrafted Options: Defense

Previously I looked at some 7th round and undrafted guys who could interest the Skins on offense, here are some potential defensive options for the Skins.


Justin Rogers:

The Richmond corner is moving up draft boards in some circles, but there is also a fair chance that he lasts until the 7th round. If he is there, Rogers has a ton of potential and would be a nice pick for Washington. He displays starting potential and looks to make an impact early in his career.

Editor's Note: Here is a preview on Martin Parker and Justin Rogers Parks did earlier this year.

Josh Thomas:

Thomas is another small school prospect with big time upside. He's a strong cover guy, who should at least develop into a nickel corner down the line. He's a solid value in the 7th round, and could help replace Carlos Rogers.

Josh Gatlin:

Gatlin is a bigger cover corner who runs a 4.4 40. While he probably won't be drafted, he would make a great priority free agent, and has the upside to develop into a decent backup/special teamer.


Nick Bellore: 

Bellore has been good inside backer for Central Michigan. Bellore was a tackling machine in college, who showed great instincts in the running game. He's a boarder line draft prospect, but he has upside as either a late 7th or priority free agent. Given his work ethic and instincts he should be at least a good backup/special teamer.

Greg Lloyd :

Lloyd is the son of the former All-pro Steeler LB of the same name and should be available late in the draft if the Redskins are still looking for ILB depth. Lloyd has had some injury issues, and isn't considered a great athlete, but he is considered a tough player with great instincts. Given his pedigree, and effort level, he could be a great late round steal.


Markus White:

White was a late bloomer at Florida State who broke out his senior season. Although he was a defensive end in college he looks like he is capable of standing up at the next level. White could develop into a starter down the road, but if the Skins don't address the position sooner he could be part of a rotation of Outside linebackers opposite Brian Orakpo.



Lazarius Levingston:

Levingston has played both DE and DT for the LSU TIgers, and would seem like a natural fit at the 5-technique for the Redskins. Levingston isn't great in any one area, but he generates solid pressure, and holds his ground against the run. He is probably best as a rotational player at the next level, but he would represent a cheaper alternative to our older defensive ends.

Zane Parr:

Parr was a surprise early entry to the NFL Draft, and he will likely not get drafted. He will be a solid addition as priority free agent, as he has solid size and bulk. He's strong against the run, and has potential to make an NFL roster down the line.


Anthony Gray:

Gray displays the leverage and bulk to be an effective NT at the next level, but he has one thing going against him...his height. Gray measures just 5'11", which is both a benefit and a knock on his potential. While the small stature can be a benefit in gaining leverage, it can cause a problem in defending the center passing lane. That being said Gray would be a solid value as a 7th rounder and rotational NT. 

Steve Shoup has been a Redskins fan his entire life and dreams of the day they get back to the glory days of his youth. In addition to his regular piece on Hogs Haven, you can find his daily writings at