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Redskins Secret Draft Weapon

This year's NFL Draft will be unlike any other. There are different set of rules (as of right now); we could see a record number of quarterbacks go in the first couple of rounds; and we may very well see a record number of trades for draft picks between clubs.

So what are the major differences for the Redskins? Well, first off I really view this as ShanAllen's first "real" draft, they've had a full cycle to evaluate and we should see their blue print for the future based on this offseason.  But does Mike Shanahan have a secret weapon in his back pocket?

Like I said we could see a record amount of movement between teams, and that makes smoke screens more valuable than ever. Does it seem like we've seen just about every top sixty prospect linked to all thirty two teams at some point since December?

At times I've thought little of the relationship between Shanahan and ESPN's Adam Schefter, mainly because things are aired during the regular season that I would rather stay in house. But Schefter could be a great weapon for the Redskins this Thursday night. It seems like Schefter will tweet just about any player movement rumor, and perception is reality in the NFL more so then any arena, these reasons alone make Schefter the perfect hot boxer and secret weapon for the Redskins.