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Andre Carter Had a Crappy Easter Sunday

Here's a recap of his tweets from yesterday....

 Andre Carter 
Up to 12 plus kids coming to my house. I thank god he sent Jesus to die for my sins cuz if any kid acts up...Lord knows what im going to do

 Andre Carter 
Oh I love the kids. I just hope they don't pull a Rick James on my couch.

 Andre Carter 
Morning world.Hope everyone had a great easter Sunday. Mine was great except somebody dropped a deuce in my bathroom and plugged up my toilet.

 Andre Carter 
It was a adult. No damn kid. Needed a plunger.

Well damn. I thought having to sit down next to a McNabb poster was bad. <<Insert Haynesworth joke here>>

(H/T to DC Sports bog for retweeting the deuce tweet during peak hours this morning.