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Lorenzo Alexander Dropped 15 Pounds & Is Working Out with Lavar Arrington

To help promote Ride to Provide, Lorenzo Alexander was a guest on Fat Pickled Hogs Radio last week where we talked about everything from his reaction to getting moved to a position he's never played before, his off-season regiment, and if the Redskins are now a that team free agents avoid now (more on that one later).

Doug Ramey: Being an OLB now, what are you working on most this off-season?

#97: The biggest thing is pass rushing. Making sure the coaches know I have the capabilities of being a third down [guy]. Last year I didn't play much third downs at the defensive end spot and I really want to showcase that I can pass rush and get to the QB. Ive really been working on that. I cut down some of my weight. I've lost about 15 pounds since the season was over and have leaned up big time.

I've actually been training with Lavar. We started last week. I'll be having sessions time to time trying to fine tune those little things. Work on my hands, work on certain moves, setup a guy, and really become a student of how to pass rush. Because it is art and that's why I'm working with him. Standing up is totally different from having your hands in the dirt. I had my hand in the dirt all my life until last year. Rushing out of a 2-point stance and being explosive was a big adjustment for me. Doing all those things, training, pilates, getting my core stronger - it all plays a huge role in me more explosive and as an end result a better pass rusher.

Ken: Of all the positions you play, what position totally got you?

I LOVE running down on kickoffs. That's what I'm best at. I stride at it. I love going down there and laying the smack down on cats.

Kevin: Does that Eagles guy you crush every year say PLEASE STOP? Calvin Jorrick Calvin?

After the second time I hit him, he came up to me after the game and said, "Man, I guess I'm going to be on your highlight reel all year." Ha. It happens. I wasn't gunning for him. Guys missed their blocks so that freed me up and I laid him out.

In the next post, Alexander talks about the culture change of the Redskins front office, which is healthy dose of Kool-Aid for Redskins fans. Anyone can listen to the interview in full here.