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Doug Williams to Announce Redskins 2011 2nd Round Draft Pick

Doug williams
Doug williams

I'm a big fan of the NFL having ex-players announce the 2nd round picks. The Redskins tabbed Doug Williams to do the honors for the Burgundy and Gold. Tony Wyllie also included Charles Mann's name in an email so don't be shocked if you see him there as well. Who would you want announcing the pick? Doug is fine, but I think my first choice would be having Irene Pollin do the honors draped in a Redskins dress. She brings the luck. I wonder if Doug will be making both of our 2nd round picks? (see what I did there?)

Other NFC East Teams:

Eagles - Troy Vincent
Giants - Joe Morris
Cowboys - Charles Haley

Well, hell, here's the full list. I'm looking forward to seeing Barry Sanders.