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Pickled Hogs Radio - 8PM Tonight - Special Guest Lorenzo Alexander

Update: We've added a game to our radio show tonight. Doug, Ken and I will be drinking beers throughout the show. Anytime you hear a can open, count it, when we end the show, whoever emails with the exact number correctly (first), wins a free copy of: "Washington Redskins History - over 60 pages of the Redskins most historic events.Fpradio_medium

Things just keep rolling along for Pickled Hogs Radio. Doug Ramey, of, just confirmed we have LoAx on board for tonight. Feel free to listen and/or call in via (626) 414-3517. You can simply listen to the show by calling that number or clicking Play below. We're happy to take callers, so don't be shy in keeping the chatter just to the HH comments section. Tonight's topics in no particular order include:

  • Any 1 player we would take in the draft for the Redskins (not named Von Miller) 
  • Redskin player past or present we'd most like to party with 
  • Dumbest athletes
  • Are we counting on Malcolm Kelly this year 
  • Q&A with Lorenzo Alexander at 8:05 PM

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