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Redskins are 3 Point Home Underdogs Week 1 vs Giants

The Redskins open their 2011 season at home vs the NY Giants on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It will be a memorable day on many levels, but more so for all the people like me that will have action on the game. has already posted odds for the Week 1 games and has the Redskins +3. 

It's always fun handicapping games, as a Redskins fan, since we don't know who our starters are at: NT, CB, ILB, QB, WR, Guard(s), and RT. It's pretty safe to say Rex would get the week 1 start, but we won't have the luxury of Alex Barron playing Right Tackle. The Redskins were an abysmal 2-6 at home last year, which means I'd lay the 3 points.

Note: This is the same spread the Cowboys are getting vs the Jets. I really like the Jets at home that game.