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Redskins Have the 4th Easiest Schedule, Which Means Nothing

Here's a link to the Redskins full 2011 schedule. A bunch of things stand out:

  • Only 1 prime time game. Monday Night Football @ Dallas week 3.We've lost the last three MNF games by a combined score of 81 points. That's 27 points a game! Da Bears have 4 prime time games and even Detroit has more prime time games than the Redskins.
  • I like that we open vs the NY Giants. The Redskins have not beaten them home or away since Joe Gibbs, Dec 16th, 2007. Shanahan can game plan his heart out for months like he did vs Dallas last year.
  • The Redskins have the 29th easiest schedule. Their opponents this year went 121-135-0 last season. Only 6 were above .500. Since we lose to crappy teams, this stat probably means nothing.
  • I don't like early BYE weeks, especially with an old roster. The Redskins are getting younger, but we still have a lot of old guys. (see next point)
  • Redskins have a hellacious final 5 games: Jets, Pats, @NYG, MIN, @PHI. The Redskins usually compete against teams they're not supposed to, right? (you buying that Kool-Aid? me either)
  • Best Road game: The game in Toronto would be fun as that town has some good clubs. Having said that, a weekend down in Miami will be my go to.
  • New Years kick in the nuts: What better way to ring in 2012 then watching the Iggles trample our beloved Redskins, who will be playing for their jobs again. Will the Eagles be benching players at this point? Probably not as Vick will already be on the IR.

What'd I miss?