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Jeremy Jarmon Thinks Haynesworth Will be a Redskin in 2011

Are you listening to our Pickled Hogs Radio show yet? Despite my stupidity in setting the length of the show incorrectly in the admin console, which meant our interview stopped streaming 3/4th of the way through, we had a gem of an interview with Redskins DE, Jeremy Jarmon, and luckily it still recorded. We covered everything from the Redskins making him lose, then add right back, 30 pounds, how open players' communication is with the coaches, dating heavy girls, Haynesworth, and Jarmon delivering a 60 second monologue of Col. Jessup from a Few Good Men (he portrayed Jessup in a High School play). 

Jarmon replied to my question about recent activity that London Fletcher did not hold any workouts this week, which I thought they were. When Jarmon mentioned Haynesworth, we took the opportunity to ask further about his chances of being a Redskin in 2011:

Jarmon: Yea, I've talked to Albert a couple times this off-season. Me and Albert are real close. Depending how far this off-season goes I plan in meeting up with him at some point in the summer.

At the Pink Pony in Tampa? (that's a strip club for those that don't know)

Jarmon: haha. I don't think Tampa is his stomping grounds.

Do you think he'll be on the team this year?

Jarmon:  Um. Me personally, my gut tells me that Albert will be a player for us this year. That is probably not the politically correct thing to sit here and say and speculate because I don't know what they're saying in the front office and I respect everything that they're doing up there, but when Albert played for us last year, I think that he was effective. Unless we can get some conversation from him through some kind of trade outlet like that, that'll he be a player for us this year. Talking to Albert I think that he'll be fine with it and a more expanded role and I know he was kind of disappointed not playing more last year. He wants to be a Washington Redskin. There's just been so bumps in the road and things like that. Hopefully at some point they'll get those things ironed out. He's a hell of a player. If anyone told you they didn't think that they'd be lying to you because we know his potential. We know what he's capable of and we've seen it.

Listen to the entire interview here:

My thoughts on Jarmon's comment: "Wow." I pretty much assumed Haynesworth was gone. We all know we're trying to get SOMETHING back in regards to a 3rd pick (ish). Can the Redskins turn him around? Perhaps with the scenario, " play hard for us and we'll trade you out of here." Or perhaps a second year of Shanahan's strict coaching will get other players to help turn him around. My crystal ball is cracked so your guess is as good as mine.

Some more quotes:

In a 1-1 situation I'm going to win those situations. Going into this year I think that's going to be evident. I'll be able to contribute big time in our nickel packages and just be able to get a pass rush period. That was something I was able to do in college and that's something I take ride in now and if that's something I don't do this year I wont be a Redskins next year. I know what's at stake and my chips are in.

If Haslett has an open door policy where you can tell him in that first minicamp, "Coach. This is not the best way to use my skills. I should be a DL."

I didn't know Haz and the quickest way for them to learn about me was shut my mouth and get to work. Haz and I have a very good relationship. When the lockout ends, I'll be able to sit down with and talk about how they plan to use me....