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Keeping an Eye on the Enemy: Dallas Cowboys

"Daggon this earwax is a lot harder to get out than my boogers." (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)
"Daggon this earwax is a lot harder to get out than my boogers." (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It has definitely been an interesting offseason for the ‘Gals down in Big D. Jerry Jones is still pickin boogers, Biz Markie style, and threw the worst (off the field) Super Bowl in history; Dez Bryant can pull his pants up, and Tony Romo is marrying a 24 year old former intern.

But let’s get to the football related stuff. In my eyes, the biggest move the Cowboys have made this offseason is hiring Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator. This will be Ryan’s eighth year as an NFL DC previously spending five years in Oakland and two in Cleveland. He’s an aggressive coordinator, but has numerous holes and aging vets on the defensive side of the ball.

The Cowboys really need to do some soul searching this offseason or they will quickly become at team comparable to the aging Redskins of the past couple of years. Their offensive line is reaching ancient status, with four of their five starters at year end being 32 years old or OLDER!  It will be interesting to see if Jerry can swallow his pride and purge aging, overpaid veterans like Terrence Newman, Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Leonard Davis, Igor Olshansky, and others.

The one thing the Cowboys do have going for them is the fact that they can aggressively pursue free agents and draft picks to greatly improve their roster for 2011.  The first choice comes with the ninth pick, the Cowboys will likely be choosing between a cornerback or a offensive lineman. I believe an OL, like Tryon Smith, is the best for them. After the draft they can aggressively pursue free agents like Michael Huff, Nnamdi Asomugha, and even a guy like Carlos Rogers to greatly improve their secondary.

Let’s all just keep hoping Jurrah keeps his head up his butt and keeps those aging veterans, overpays for some guys, and keeps interfering in day to day operations. If the Cowboys don’t make a change now then they will more than likely turn into the Redskins team we’ve seen the past two or three years.