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Washington Redskins Top Ten Draft Successes--Darrell Green (Video)

At least the Durant Brooks post got some of you talking a little yesterday. And yes, it.

I am forever thankful that even when there is literally nothing to ratchet up the blood pressure in Redskins Nation, a few hundred words on a below average punter sparks some spirited debate. And no, I will not be voting for Durant Brooks for the top bust. In fact, I will add a choice to the ten and give him the chance to sneak off the list altogether.

But let's focus on a pick that the Redskins used in 1983 to bring in a player that would become one of the all-time greats and a fan favorite for multiple generations.

Darrell Green: 28th overall pick in the 1st round of the 1983 NFL draft. He played for 20 seasons in Washington, trotting out a 42-year old body at the end that still had some juice in it (powered by the Tootsie Roll in his sock of course.)

His longevity is well-documented by numerous NFL records. It was uncanny how a man of his small physical stature remained healthy enough to play for that long. His speed was amazing to watch. Whenever you watched a play on TV where an opposing offensive player broke away, you always knew that Darrell would enter the picture somehow, some way. In fact, it was his first regular season game where he made such a play, running down Tony Dorsett on national television to save a touchdown.

Darrell had a real connection with the fans. We always knew he was going to give maximum effort and he genuinely cared about winning--the idea that some players really don't care continues to baffle me.

For many, the punt return against Chicago in the 1987 playoff game that sealed the victory stands out as Darrell's defining moment. His pass defense on the final play of the NFC Championship Game that same postseason against Minnesota will always loom as large to me.

It is hard to argue with the success this first-rounder had for the burgundy and gold over 20 seasons. Enjoy this Darrell Green video:

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