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Redskins Free Agents: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The NFL Draft is just two weeks away and we enter this year with a situation far from ordinary for us, no free agency. Some decisions loom large for the Redskins dealing with their free agent crop of players, and the complexion of many of these decisions will certainly change after the draft has taken place. But as of right now what would you do? Sign or let them walk?

Carlos Rogers, CB: Rogers is arguably the biggest decision for the Skins this offseason. He's a tremendous punchline for us fans, but at the same time he's a tremendous cover corner. Any FA CB will certainly cost us a pretty penny and I have serious doubts that Kevin Barnes or Phillip Buchanon could take over the starting CB duties. Also, Rogers will be 30 this upcoming season, so do you re-sign him or let him walk?

Santana Moss, WR: This is a big one, we are tremendously short on play makers on offense and Moss is coming off of one of his best years ever. Moss will be 32 this offseason and I think he's a guy that still has a lot in the tank and needs to be re-signed for his locker room presence.

Jammal Brown, RT: It seems as if Redskins nation is split on Jammal Brown. Some see him as an improving tackle throughout the season, and others as an injury prone, has been, 30 year old liability. The decision to keep Brown will be an interesting one, especially with the recent availability of a former Shanahan draft pick and MTV star Ryan Harris, who could fill the tackle void and is considerably younger.

Rex Grossman, QB: This one kind of gets lost in the shuffle of things. Everyone assumes Rex will be back next year to either be a caretaker or a stopgap to a younger QB. Most also assume that there won't be any other takers for Grossman. But if I was a GM of a good NFL team and was looking for a solid backup then I would be more than happy to bring Rex in. We joke on him a lot, but he showed he could manage the offense proficiently at times during his "evaluation" last year.

Stephon Heyer, OL: This is definitely an interesting one for ShanAllen. Heyer is one of the numerous UMD free agents that Vinny brought in, and has shown moderate improvement over the years. He adds depth to the Skins line, but is in no way starter quality. I think this choice is up to Heyer himself and it will be interesting to see what transpires.

Rocky McIntosh, ILB: Rocky has been a ...meh... starter for some years now. He's just been kind of average. This decision could signal whether or not its Perry Riley's turn to take over the inside.

Other Redskins Free Agents (Please correct if any of these are wrong):
Reed Doughty, S
Kedric Golston, DE
Chris Wilson, OLB
H.B. Blades, ILB (RFA)
Phillip Buchanon, CB