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Not Signing Santana Moss Hurts Redskins Chances to Trade Back

It's a broken record the Redskins need to add more draft picks with their 2011 3rd and 4th ones wasted gone. Obviously, trading back would remedy this but not signing Santana Moss when the Redskins had the chance (before the lockout) could be disastrous. Moss's contract ended in early February, almost a full month before CBA deadline.

It's clear Shanahan likes to have veteran WRs on his roster (Galloway), so why not keep a guy for relatively cheap that has helped along Brandon Banks and Terrence Austin so much?

When Julio Jones falls to #9, several teams will certainly be calling the Cowboys. The Redskins have a huge need at WR and what team will want to take the chance in dealing with us when they can just jump to #9? Mike Pouncey has already predicted he'll be a Cowboy, and with Pouncey projected to be a mid-late first round pick, the only way that happens is if Dallas trades back. If the Redskins had signed Moss, then teams wouldn't have to trade with Dallas knowing the Redskins still have their starting WR corps from last season, who racked up a ton of yards.

I suppose we could put the word out early on draft day we're willing to trade back, but we've already lost bargaining power (and what'd we get back) if we're asking for it. Can we get anything right?

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