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Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight at 8:30pm with VVIP Guest Chris Cooley

Fpradio_mediumFor those that missed our virgin voyage of our live podcast with's Doug Ramey last week, a train wreck of a good time was had. Ken, Doug, and I chatted with Phillip Daniels and Robert Henson simultaneously for a little over 30 minutes in a varying range of topics

This week's guest is none other than #47, who just got heavily back into blogging. If you haven't read his most recent post about catching up on his fan mail, read it, it's quite comical. 

Link to show >>>

Topics we're covering tonight:

- Greatest Redskin of all-time
- Who's the hottest current cheerleader (we're doing a NCAA bracket-style, but we're starting with the top 5 from the main Redskins site...look for a poll tomorrow)
- If we re-made some of the best movies of all time, which past and present Redskins would make for good actors in these roles (Hangover, Caddyshack, etc).
Guest: Chris Cooley at 8:45pm