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Mel Kiper's Latest Draft Posted & Has the Redskins Taking....

Kiper just posted his latest draft and has the Redskins taking Julio Jones:

The Redskins are certainly back in the market at the quarterback position, but if they don't do something to upgrade the talent at the wide receiver position, it won't matter who they have in there. In Jones you have a physical talent who still offers a lot of upside, but already has good hands, great blocking skills, and the ability beat people deep or work the middle. He blazed to a 4.39 40 in Indy while carrying 220 pounds. He's a load and a perfect target for the Skins. He does carry some durability concerns, but has shown the ability play through nicks.    

He also Blaine Gabbert #1 overall and Cam Newton going to the Bungles.  Von Miler was off the board as well. I am only posting this because Lent is the season where Ken's wet dreams for Kiper's hair are nightly.