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What Will the Redskins Give Up For Lent?

We don't dive too deeply into the religious here at Hogs Haven. We respect everyone's beliefs and we know that our site draws readers from a very diverse set of backgrounds. Further, we know that the the Washington Redskins are a football team, and not a single denominational person (is that even a way to describe someone?)

Faith, on the other hand, is something that we talk about A LOT here at HH. Where would Redskins Nation be without Faith? I mean, come on...what in God's name causes us to believe in this team year after year? Pun intended. Maybe you prayed for Suisham to make that 23-yarder against the Saints. Perhaps your eyes and thoughts lifted skyward just prior to the missed extra point that would have sent our game against Tampa Bay into overtime. Maybe your tailgating has taken on some spiritual meaning over the years.

Hell, there is just something inherently religious about being a Redskins fan. As many people know, today is Ash Wednesday, marking the start of Lent. A customary tradition in the Catholic Church is to make some kind of sacrifice during this period that lasts all the way until Easter.

It occurred to me that this period lines up nicely with the free agency season (assuming the CBA deal gets done here in the next week.) Like most of you, I am better at suggesting what other people should give up than figuring out what I should give up. I am still trying to figure out if you can give up being drop-dead sexy for 40 days. (Judging by the way I look today, I am off to a great start.)

Not only have the Redskins spent their money foolishly in this season over recent years, they have compounded the problem by also wasting draft picks. It was just last Easter that we made the big trade to bring in Donovan McNabb (I forget if I liked that deal or loved it.)

The O.J. Atogwe signing was a good one--I think we all pretty much agree on that. It didn't break the bank and it didn't cost us any draft picks. His age is a small flag, but his talent seems to be clearly an upgrade. He has a familiarity with the coach and he fills a need. We have made 1,000 worse moves than this one.

My hope for the next 40 days is that the Redskins give up their tendency to not only overpay for certain players, but also their tendency to put way too much emphasis on the next season. We need a 3-5 year view. At least. Every move made this offseason needs to positively impact this team in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I don't doubt for a second that Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan want to set themselves up to win more than just 1 year at a time. But it's all in the execution.

Of the many things you can "give up", I think that "unproven old ways" are a slam dunk.