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The Media Stripped Joe Gibbs of His Play-calling, So Says Vinny Cerrato

I can't imagine Cerrato will be on DC radio again any time soon, but he continually to infuriates even being on his 2nd year out of DC. One quality in people, especially co-workers, I apply is "Stay away from people that cannot admit their mistakes." It's impossible to work or trust someone that doesn't admit their mistakes. We all make them, but if you don't recognize it, then how am I suppose to know you learned from them? In which case, I'm done working with you. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Vinny Cerrato's latest quote transcribed from Steinberg:

Cerrato: Let me just say this, I'll make one statement: If Joe would have continued to call the plays after the second year, we'd have went to the playoffs again

CJ (Mike Wise show producer): Why did he stop? Why did he turn it over to Al Saunders?

Cerrato: The media.

CJ: The media????

Cerrato: Yes, you guys were killing him, you kept saying....

CJ: He's JOE GIBBS!!!!!! He's a HALL OF FAMER!!!!!!

Cerrato: Stop, stop a minute. Remember we had struggled against Philly, we had struggled against Tampa, and you guys, the media, were saying Joe you're over the hill, you can't call plays any more...and Joe read all the media stuff, felt like if he brings in a guy....   

"I don't blame it on Jim Zorn, I blame it on that we hired the wrong football coach," Cerrato said. "You know, if we would have got the right head coach? If Joe would have stayed? We would have been in the playoffs again. I totally believe that."

Wow. I mean Wow. At no point does he fess up to anything. It's hard for me to believe that Snyder even knew who Zorn was. Cerrato is a QB guy, and Snyder told us that when Gibbs retired he left Snyder with high praise for Vinny. It is what it is...let's get back to the mock drafts already.