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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. Count me among those who think a CBA deal is going to get done...maybe after one more extension. The pressure to not f this thing up is at its highest right now and even though there are probably a few d-bag owners who are prepared to let this thing play all the way out, I believe there are enough level heads to get it figured out.

2. If anyone will be in the Rockville area tonight, come by the Austin Grill in Rockville Town Center. I am joining the guys from Ball Hogs Radio on stage for a couple segments of their live show. They will have at least two former players: Khary Campbell and Marcus Mason. We will also be doing a mock draft of the first 10 picks, with yours truly selecting for the Redskins. The Happy Hour deals are from 6-9 and they are having a special raffle for all the Caps fans rocking the red at the bar.

3. I will be soliciting suggestions from the Hogs Haven faithful at the bar tonight as my pick arrives. I recently took Von Miller at #10, but I don't anticipate him being available in this particular mock draft, or in the real draft come April either.

4. We will provide a good heads-up in the coming days and weeks, but our Pickled Hogs Radio show that we will be doing this offseason will allow for callers. I think in order for this thing to really work and take off, we will need to hear from just about every knucklehead that reads this site. Stay tuned.

5. This offseason, you will be hearing from more than just Kevin and I. In fact, you have already begun to see contributions from a few folks that have started putting regular contributions on the home page. Parks Smith, Steve Shoup and our man Tiller have really stepped up their games in the last couple weeks. Mike Moeller and Mike Richman will be names you will also be seeing in the coming weeks. Kevin and I will still be leading the charge, but we encourage everyone to give these new guys the business the same as you would Kevin or I. We never get away with anything, thanks to you all. Don't let Parks fool you either. Underneath that angry, manscaped exterior is a real sweetheart.

6. I have been chewing on this one all weekend: Of all the players released by the Redskins over the last week or two, which ONE would you most want to have back--assuming that monetary compensation would not be an issue (for example, assuming that Clinton Portis would come back for the minimum and not $8 million)?