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Phillip Daniels & Robert Henson Talk Atogwe, Jarmon, and More in Our Live Podcast

Ken Meringolo, Doug Ramey of, and I launched our first live weekly Podcast last night - Pickled Hogs Radio. Even though we did a dry run the previous night, it went as expected with my phone continually dropping out (thanks for nothing AT&T) and plenty of awkward pauses as we tried to manage timing. All said and done, we had a blast as both Phillip Daniels and Robert Henson joined us on the show simultaneously for over 30 minutes. Big thanks to them for joining our show, and here's the audio for that. 

Here's what we talked about:

00:30 - Thoughts on Atogwe signing and what this means for Kareem Moore (side of the business fans don't think too much about when a guy is replaced or forced in a backup role).

Daniels:  We're excited for the new guy coming. We're trying to make the team better. Kareem will keep working hard and his number will get called.

On the defense...

Daniels: Learning a new system took a toll on everyone. Everyone is more comfortable with the 3-4 so hopefully we can get our defense ranked back where we were.

4:00: Doug asks what the players will do in the lockout and what it means for them.

6:55: I ask about Jeremy Jarmon, specifically if the Redskins have ruined his career moving him from DL-LB-DL.

Daniels: "Coming off injuries is always tough and I think he was still working his weight off a bit. In camp he wasn't full speed but as the season went on he got stronger and stronger, so he should be a major player in this scheme next year. Of course they did have him drop weight. Tried him at LB and see how he looked there. He just couldn't hold that weight so they told him to gain weight and I think he's up to 290 and he looks good. He did some good things at the end of the season. He said he's going to train hard this off-season and be ready to go."

8:10: Is there ever a confrontation with coaches along the lines of "Coach, this role I'm willing to do, but this position is my natural position...let me loose?"

Daniels: They're just trying to find the best way to win games. best fit for him and team. With a new system you don't know where anybody's going to fit. You know where the deep guys and the 295lbs guys are going to go (interior), but Jeremy was like a tweener and you didn't know really where he was going to fit. When the new coaches came in he was around 275-280 and he was in between so you really don't know. So, they're just trying to find the best spot for him. Jeremy realizes that and I think he'll be better next year. 

9:25: Ken lays into Henson (known for being one of the best Madden players on the team) for losing to him.

11:20: Doug Ramey asks Phil Daniels about the first time his son DaVaris beat him in basketball. (Daniels talked about his inside presence where Davaris was afraid to come inside. Classic. "He's not trying to come inside.")

14:30 - Doug asks Phil about his 1-year playing baseball.

15:30 - Ken asks Henson about his potential for the upcoming season.

17:45 - I ask about his off-season and Henson talks about watching film on Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis

18:18 - I ask Phillip Daniels about the combine (Henson throws in some old man jokes)..

Daniels: "Toughest part of the combine is going to each team where they're tugging on you and pulling you. I did well. I ran a 4.8 something and 4.6 something on my Pro Day. 40 1/2 jump. I had fun with it."

20:00 - I ask Phillip Daniels about the questions teams ask the players. (Daniels talks about a very long test the Giants made him go through).

22:20: Doug asks if the Redskins have given the players a contingency plan for the lockout for workouts. (Henson talks about things Ray Wright have told him, Daniels received a workout folder and that the CBA extension might get pushed back  7-10 days, but not being able to go to the facility to get a workout in will be tough).

25:40 - Ken asks what's the player perspective when playing vs Dallas.

Daniels: "Players don't like those teams either. We need to win the division to be successful. We want fans to leave happy and have bragging rights.

Henson: "I was in contact with those teams that said they'd take me in the 4th round, so I took it personal those guys passed on me. Plus, it's a divisional game like Phil said. Between those 2 whistles I'm trying to get as much blue paint on my helmet as I can. Rivalary games gets the city jacked and we feel it. "

29:00 - I ask if there are any NCAA players that he sees when watching college ball during the season and say, "Oh man, he'd be a perfect fit for the Redskins."

Uncle Phil: "Oh yea...but it doesn't matter the position. We just want a guy with heart that will come in and work hard. A guy with high character that takes his job seriously and gives us everything he can to win. 

30:35: Doug asks if they have an opinion on Cam Newton

Phil: I think he's a great athlete that's proven himself in college. I know he didn't have a real good showing at the combine but at the same time guys are nervous. First time out. They're throwing the ball to new receivers. I bet you when he gets to his Pro Day he'll have a whole lot better of a workout. I have no opinion of him. He's an Auburn guy and I'm a Georgia guy so I don't care much about him (laughing). He has a desire to win. He has a lot of heart and works hard. I like that about him more than anything.

Henson: You gotta respect the guy because he handled the criticism on the big stage. Seeing that makes me want to play better, so he'll add value to the league in that way to want to play harder. He's very proven. 

32:30: Doug asks Rob about joking on Phil in the locker room about being the old guy:

Henson: "We respect him on and off the field. For me personally, my rookie season, he was there to defend me after the Twitter thing. He told me the true meaning of family on the team. THose are things that can't be faked. It's great having guys you know you can learn from. Phil is one the best teammates I'v ever played with. (Phil talks about teams being families).

34:11: Ken asks Robert "Am I that guy for you in Madden?"