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Vote: Who Will Be Redskins 2011 Breakout Player?

All of the Hogs Haven writers made their beef - so who do you think will be the 2011 breakout player?

Phillip Daniels suggested that Jarmon was doing everything the coaches asked of him and was just patiently waiting for a bona fide starting opportunity... [Jeremy Jarmon]

Although Jackson's playing time was limited once again last season, he did manage to have an impact when he got a chance against the Jacksonville Jaguars... [Rob Jackson]

Riley played well in the seven other games where he saw action, although we have not seen him much beyond special teams. I also really like how Riley responded to the darkest moment of his pro career... [Perry Riley]

Bryant began seeing solid playing time in the Tampa Bay game on Dec. 12, and his reps remained steady the rest of the season. Haslett had this to say about Bryant... [Anthony Bryant]

Paulsen got a lot of time at the end of the year, and he showed he can play the blocking roll. He also has solid hands... [Logan Paulsen]