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Orakpo Educates Kids on Nutrition & Exercise; Unfortunately #92 is Not One of Them


Orakpo visited Rosa Parks Middle School in Olney on March 23 to talk to students about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating right.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a program of NFL PLAY 60, designed to get children active for 60 minutes per day to tackle childhood obesity, according to the program's website.

A couple thoughts:

1.) Why is Haynesworth not on the NFL Play 60 program? Ironically, he can't even play 60 minutes in practice much less a game. He practically is a kid refusing to do what he is asked of.

2.) There are kids that aren't active 60 minutes a day? I guess growing up before the Internet makes a big difference, and obesity numbers don't lie, but I was always biking to/from friends houses. Sega Genesis games could be conquered in 2 weeks - another contributing factor to get out of the house. OK, I see it now. I guess.