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What Jersey Number Will Carson Palmer Wear as a Redskin? this title of course assumes that Carson Palmer will somehow find a way onto the roster here in D.C.

With the CBA being feverishly negotiated at this very moment, the uncertainty about how the offseason will shape up is at its highest. The combination of the unpredictable nature of the CBA and the unpredictable nature of the Redskins results in horrific visibility. One thing we know for sure (hypothetically): Carson Palmer is adamant that he will never suit up for the Bengals ever again.

Let's knock off a few of the most obvious problems with bringing in Carson Palmer. He is clearly a very unhappy player right now. These kinds of players have typically not found the kind of serenity and euphoria that they were seeking once they touched down in D.C. In fact, you could argue that signing such a disgruntled player to the Redskins right now would be like pouring gasoline onto a raging fire. He's 31 years old, and we are just coming off a season where a 30+ year old quarterback underwhelmed us all. Finally, what would it cost to bring him in? I'd be willing to spend Dan Snyder's money, but I would not be willing to invest draft picks in Carson Palmer.

I have no sense that a trade involving Donovan McNabb and/or Albert Haynesworth could or would work. Assuming we could acquire Carson's services without losing any draft picks, here is what I do think:

Carson is a step up from Rex Grossman. He is a heady quarterback with accuracy similar to McNabb. He may not be as mobile as #5, but he is athletic enough to buy time in the pocket and and experienced enough to process through his options downfield in a tight window. More importantly, Palmer gives us the ability to wait another year before drafting a franchise quarterback. Assuming Carson has 2-3 good years left, that would give the future franchise guy at least a year to incubate, something Palmer himself benefited from in Cincy.

Whether it is fair or not, Carson would likely make Redskins fans feel better about our prospects for success. Additionally, I do not get the impression that players are extremely enthused about Rex Grossman being their on-field general. That is just my gut feeling by the way--I could be dead wrong.

Cincinnati is really up against it on this one. Do they play hardball with Carson to prevent the rest of the malcontents on the roster from trying to force their way out? Or do they deal Carson for whatever they can get to help them the best way possible? We aren't the only team looking to pick up a quarterback, so it would seem that if multiple teams enter the fray for Palmer's services, the price will be too high for the Redskins to seriously consider the acquisition. After all, our resources need to be primarily dedicated to bringing in young talent.

That said...if Carson comes here, I don't see him wearing Sonny's jersey. I could see him in #18 though. What do you guys think?