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What is the Redskins #1 Draft Need?

There have been a lot of discussions and philosophies discussed in the past couple of months regarding the Redskins primary draft need. Some want to see the team gather a core of skill players on offense first, others want to build the offensive lines, and others want to build a dominant defense.

So what do you think the biggest draft need is for the Redskins this year? By this I mean, what position would you be absolutely livid about if you did not see it addressed with one of the first two picks for the Skins?

I admit the shopping list is long for the Skins. But I've presented this view a couple of times... On paper this team looks like a pile of doodoo, I'd even argue that it looked like less of a pile of doodoo a year ago. So Shanny took this pile of crap and won six games with them, found some diamonds in the rough, and was in pretty much every game this year. This is why I think this club can show a steady incline of youthful improvement. I'm very excited for the draft and I think it will tell us a lot about ShanAllen's road map for the future. And I still have a sneaking suspicion that ole' Donnie Mac may not be done in the District.