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Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight with Neal Olkewicz - 8pm

Fpradio_mediumWhen Ken Meringolo, Doug Ramey, and I agreed to start this weekly radio gig, we were stumped on how we were possibly going to get any guests to come on our show. If you've met any of us before, it's easy to understand why. Since that time, we've had Phillip Daniels, Robert Henson, Chris Cooley, Reed Doughty, Selvish Capers, and this week, one of the 70 greatest Redskins, Neal Olkewicz. It says a lot about our franchise that we have players past and present so willing to stay in touch with the fans.

Tonight, 8pm EST >> 

Our show is hosted on, which allows people to listen to the show live via the website or by calling in and listening via your phone.

Neal Olkewicz was the player rep for the Redskins during the '87 lockout, so I'm looking forward to hearing some stories. 

Comment with any questions you'd like to see.