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Late Round Picks More Important Than Ever With No Undrafted Free Agents

Since the Senior Bowl, Hogs Haven writers have highlighted a handful of college players that could be available when the Redskins draft in the late rounds. We thought a good use of your down time between NCAA rounds would be to decide which if these guys we would most like to grab in this draft.

One thing that we need to remember is that with no CBA agreement, there are no undrafted free agents. So some of the smartest picks made by most teams could be in the 6th and 7th rounds. In previous years, a team may have passed on a player they thought would go undrafted if they thought they had a better than average chance of signing him to a UFA deal. This year, teams may only get one chance at a lot of undrafted guys with the UFL lurking.

Here are the writer's picks for Late Round Gems. You're welcome Bruce. (Each one is a link back to the post article featuring these players.)

Chris Carter: OLB, Fresno State (Steve Shoup)

Steve Schilling: OG, Michigan (Tiller)

Vidal Hazleton: WR, USC (Tiller)

Brandon Fusco: C, Slippery Rock (Parks)

Martin Parker: DL Richmond (Parks)