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Which Redskin Will Break out in 2011? Jeremy Jarmon

We had the opportunity to talk to Phillip Daniels recently on Pickled Hogs Radio. Among the many questions we put to him was one regarding Jeremy Jarmon. Our question had to do with what Daniels thought of the Redskins defensive coaching staff asking Jarmon to kind of fluctuate between playing weights the last couple seasons.

The answer we got from Daniels was somewhat telling as to Jarmon's possible future with this team. Phillip kind of turned it around to suggest that Jarmon was doing everything the coaches asked of him and was just patiently waiting for a bona fide starting opportunity. It was not so much that there was a problem with what the coaches were asking of Jeremy. Perhaps we had insinuated that this weight fluctuation was keeping Jarmon off the field. Instead, we were told that young guys just need to wait their turn.

There is no denying how bad our defense was last season. At each level, we seemed to have serious issues. On the defensive line, we were especially thin, with our best player suffering from a lack of heart and professionalism. Andre Carter seemed out of position almost no matter where he played in the 3-4 scheme.

It would be fair to suggest that we suffered as much as from a deficiency of young talent as we did from a lack of familiarity with the system.

In 2011, Jeremy Jarmon could help with both of these problems. He has worked for a year under Haslett and the 3-4, and should he break out on the field, it would give us the opportunity to let some of these young guys play together for the next 5+ years.

He is big and strong enough to play the 3-4 end spot. It is conceivable that he could be instrumental in getting our pass rushers into favorable one-on-one situations. He is no journeyman diamond in the rough. We spent a 3rd round pick on him so we are justified in demanding that he develop into a starter on this team.

My pick for the player that will start realizing his potential and break out on the field in a big way in 2011: Jeremy Jarmon.