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Which Redskin Will Break Out in 2011? Logan Paulsen

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My initial thought was to go with Perry Riley, but then I realized he's the player I most WANT to break out. I haven't seen enough from the former LSU Tiger to make a bold prediction. Instead, I'm going to go with Logan Paulsen.

The Redskins are very clear they want to trade back and TE is the only position with depth. Paulsen got a lot of time at the end of the year, and he showed he can play the blocking roll. He also has solid hands, so expect him to be a key guy - heck - even if all 3 TEs are still on our roster. Don't let his 2 receptions for 10 yards in 2010 fool you...he did have a TD.

If we've learned anything, Shanahan is very loyal to the players he likes and will not start a guy just because he's a fan favorite. Fred Davis, for unknown reasons, is unable to see regular action. Expect a few "Logan's Heroes" shirts to popup in 7 months from now.

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