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Which Redskin Will Break Out in 2011? Perry Riley

If there is one player that is relatively inexperienced who will be thrown into the fire this year for the Redskins, then it will probably be Perry Riley. Riley was the Redskins 4th Round pick last year and is mainly remembered for a penalty that negated a game winning Brandon Banks punt return versus the Vikings. Beyond that one moment, Riley played well in the seven other games where he saw action, although we have not seen him much beyond special teams. I also really like how Riley responded to the darkest moment of his pro career:  

"It was a return to the left side of the field. I was trying to get position on my man. Banks did a good job setting the dude up. I thought I hit him on his shoulder rather than his back. Apparently I hit him on his back. The call was made. Of course, I felt bad about it. It was all in good spirit. I was thinking positive on the play. It turned out bad on my part, but that's something that I will fix. I feel terrible for the situation."

Like I said before, Riley may have to be thrown into the fire this upcoming season. Rocky McIntosh is a free agent and yet to be re-signed, which leaves a gaping hole next to London Fletcher in the inside. Right now, barring at pick up in free agency or the draft, it looks like there may be a youthful battle for the second inside linebacker spot between Riley and Robert Henson. It will likely be close between the two, but I feel like when it comes to raw talent Riley has the edge.

This is a guy that is ready to explode on to the scene and become an integral role player for the Skins. London Fletcher will not be around forever, so we have to start looking for someone to fill the void.