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Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight at 9:00pm with Guest Selvish Capers

Fpradio_mediumKen Meringolo, Doug Ramey, and I are having a lot of fun with this live podcast. We're starting to hit our groove (more like a rut), and this week we'll talk to Tackle, Selvish Capers. Is he Left or Right Tackle? I don't know either...we'll ask him. We can take calls and chats, so please join the shit show and barrage ask the three of us anything you want.  

Tonight's agenda:

  • Debate our current relationship with the Redskins as a fan. As a comparison to boyfriend and girlfriend.... 
    - Are we sleeping in the same bed again?
    - Are we paying for our own half of the check?
    - Do we hold hands in public? 
  • 15 minutes with Selvish Capers
  • Season Ticket Situations - Are we renewing?
  • Either or: No season or Season with replacements?

Link to show >>>