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Lorenzo Alexander Explains His Nickname "One Man Gang"

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SB Nation's own Cal blog, California Golden, just posted a fantastic interview with our own Lorenzo Alexander. I highly recommend reading all of it, but in it  Alexander explains how the Redskins originally used him on the Offensive Line:

Wow... It's a long story but it started back when I first joined the Redskins in 2006. Initially, I was a part of the practice squad playing both offensive and defense line.  Thus going into our 2006 Training Camp I was an offensive lineman due to how well I performed in practice against the 1's.  I didn't know it at the time, but that was the birth of my niche in the NFL and my nickname "One Man Gang".  From that moment on I would go on to play several positions: OG, TE, FB, DT, DE and special teams.  I didn't transition to LB until Coach Shanahan and Haslett brought the 3-4 system to Washington in 2010.  At first, I was penciled in as an Defensive end in the scheme (probably too undersized but didn't stop me before), but it was not until the coaching staff had an opportunity to watch me play on the Special teams and saw how well I played in space.  At that point they asked me to switch and add another position to my resume.    

Fascinating stuff. I think most Redskins fans wish we had Lorenzo playing Right Guard the last three years. I also love Alexander's response as to why he can't watch Cal football:

I am on the east coast and they'd rather show some boring ACC or SEC game before they put on a PAC 10 games.

I don't know about you but those Washington vs Washington State games are always on the top of my list. OK, Oregon is fun to watch but they're on National TV every week anyway.