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Non-Football Related Redskins Improvements

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There is clearly a lack of substantial football news out there right now, and we've obviously reached the doldrums of the offseason more than ever.  So I thought a good potential discussion would be on how to improve our franchise in a non-football related fashion. Basically nothing to do with the players, coaches, and front office.

Personally I hate FedEx Field, I think it a cookie cutter stadium and Jack Kent Cooke didn't build with the future in mind. Its great to see a lot of high prestige college games coming to FedEx lately, but I'd like to take it a step forward.  The new video boards was a HUGE improvement, but I would really like to see a stadium return to the District. Blow up RFK and build a new RFK that is an upscale stadium. I'm not talking Dallas, that stadium is too over the top and redicilous and that showed with the problems at this year's Super Bowl. Instead I want a stadium similar to Houston or Indianapolis. This way DC could attract other events like the Final Four, Super Bowl, etc... I'd also like to see an atmosphere around the stadium rather than a sea of concrete. Baltimore is a great example with Pickle's Pub and some other bars in close vicinity of the stadium.

So this begs the question, if you could change one thing about the Redskins, outside of football operations, what would it be? Uniforms, fans, stadium, etc... (This is not an open invite to bash Snyder, keep it fun) Maybe even think of Leonsis's list this past year in the improvements made by Monumental Sports.