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List of the Redskins Latest Draft Interests includes RB Kendall Hunter

Kendall Hunter at the 2011 Combine.
Kendall Hunter at the 2011 Combine.

The Redskins' own beat reporter for ESPN980, Chris Russell, recently tweeted several interests the Redskins have had lately:

Former VTech #Hokies RB & Manassas, VA native Ryan Williams will visit #Redskins Park for private meeting on April 14 & 15.

#Redskins will host USC OT Tyron Smith at #Redskins Park on April 18th. He's a perfect fit in zone.

#Redskins have recently 'expressed interest' in RBs Kendall Hunter (OKST) (Rd 2/3) & hell of a pass pro guy & Evan Royster (PSU) (RD 4-7).

Tryon Smith would indeed be a good fit, but Kendall Hunter is a guy I'd love to see in the Burgundy and Gold. He averaged 5.9 yards a carry his 4 years at Oklahoma State, and I was impressed by his demeanor the five minutes I got to spend with him at the combine. Hunter is certainly not someone you'll mistake for a Pulitzer Prize winner, but the 5'7" 199lb back has a motor to play. Here's a piece of his transcript from the combine. We all know how much Shanahan values pass-blocking RBs (whom the Redskins have zero of right now):

How much blocking did you do?

Hunter: Oh, at Oklahoma State, that's the number one thing we do besides ball carry. If you can't block, you ain't playing. Even though I didn't end up blocking that much, but at practice, you be blocking all the time. You go against linebackers almost every other day.

Can you pick up blitzes?

Hunter: Yes sir.

How are your skills out of the back-field?

Hunter: Oh, I'll catch the ball all the time. Just catching the ball ain't no problem for me.

Did you catch a lot of screens?

Hunter: We didn't do it in the past, but my senior year, we did a lot of it. We switched up into a passing offense, you have to know how to catch if you want to play.