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Redskins LB Robert Henson Stays Connected With Fans

Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson checks in with us for the first time this offseason with his thoughts on the lockout. As always, we appreciate his contribution to our community.

"It's been a week now since the players of the National Football League were locked out from living their dream. Fairly soon after I was drafted in 2009, veterans began to tell me and other young guys to start saving our money and preparing for a lock out. That was nearly two years ago and honestly, I don't think anyone anticipated the lockout actually happening. I was very young the last time the owners and players were unable to come to an agreement. When the lockout grew from a whisper to a public media battle, I realized that this could actually happen. As the deadline drew close, it became increasingly clear that it was not a matter of if, but when we would be locked out.

I am just as disappointed as the fans are that we weren't able to come to an agreement. Playing football is not just my dream-it is the way that I provide for my family. This past season I came all too close to the dangers that this sport creates. After spending the season on IR I realize how closely the matters being debated at the negotiation table affect me. We, the players, are very fortunate to be able to live our dream, but the reality is that living that dream does not come without consequence. I think the NFLPA is not just fighting for the 2011 season or the 2012 season. They are fighting for me, for my health 10 years from now, when my knees may be stiff and my back in pain. I support those efforts and I pray each day that we can get closer to reaching an agreement.

This is so much larger than billionaires versus millionaires. It is my hope that we can get a deal done, not only for me and my family, but for the workers and the economies of 32 cities that depend on the NFL season for their livelihood as well. Above all, I want to let the fans know that we feel you. I see your tweets, and I know that this has greatly disappointed you. I know that the Redskins have the most loyal fan base in the league-know that your players are not just worried about themselves in this. This is our opportunity to show you that we are as loyal to you as you are to us! We are fighting to bring you back the three hours of hard-hitting Redskin football that you look forward to every week. I have complete faith that both the owners and the NFLPA want a 2011 season, and I know they will work feverishly to make that possible. HTTR!!"