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What Happened the Night of the Brandon Banks Incident?

I know a lot of our hearts sunk the morning we heard our dynamic kick returner, Brandon Banks, had been stabbed outside of a nightclub at 3AM. The story went from Banks just being braised with a knife to Banks being in the hospital for several days with a collapsed lung.

Rend Smith of the Washington City Paper finally came up with some details on the incident today:

The story of what went down prior to the bloody altercation starts with Banks, Nixon, and another friend named Tyrone Woods arriving at Park at Fourteenth in Banks' gold Cadillac Escalade. According to what Yared Tesfaye, vice president of U Street Parking, told ABRA, the trio may have started their visit off on the wrong foot.

Tesfaye, who was on duty that night, told investigators Banks parked right in front of the establishment. "Mr. Tesfaye stated that he and the other valet staff requested that the Cadillac truck be moved because it was blocking traffic." But Tesfaye said Banks and friends just stood in front of the club and began talking. Tesfaye recalled that a short time later, Banks and at least one friend began arguing with another group of men and things got heated. Later, Tesfaye saw one man "swinging a knife."

Park at Fourteenth "security host" Stevie Richardson had a similar account of what happened that night, but added that during the argument one of the men "appeared to be hiding something behind him when he brandished some sort of pocket knife and stabbed both males who were standing on the curbside. Mr. Richardson said he immediately grabbed the suspect, pinning him against the Cadillac SUV, and retrieved the knife."

Banks still claims he mostly had a secondary role in the incident and it was a result of some of friends getting into an altercation. The good news is Banks is expected to make full recovery. Lets just hope this was a one time incident and he can stay out of trouble in the future.

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