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Don't Believe The Hype: Haynesworth Not Likely To Be A Redskin

I know there are reports out there of the Redskins hanging on to Albert Haynesworth, but I'm not buying. While I don't see Haynesworth getting out right released, I also don't see him wearing Burgundy and Gold next year. I am more sure than ever that the Redskins are not only trying to trade Haynesworth, but also that they will trade Haynesworth.

Unfortunately, Bruce Allen has no shot of getting approximate value for Haynesworth (i.e. the Sean Gilbert deal). Now while some of that is due to Haynesworth's off the field antics, a lot has to do with the way Coach Shanahan handled the situation. At this point, I think the idea of Haynesworth playing for Shanahan again is untenable, and the Redskins need to resign themselves of that fact. Although it is a gross under value of Haynesworth, I would look for a 3rd round pick for him and be happy.

Although there are a number of teams that could be interested in Haynesworth, despite his off the field trouble, I could see two in particular that make sense:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Bucs drafted Gerald McCoy in the first round and Brian Price in the 2nd round last season, but still had some of the worst tackle play in the league. McCoy missed the final couple games of the year, and Price missed over half the season. While I don't think Tampa would look to invest too much into this position, they live and die by the pressure their front four provide, and just can't 'hope' that McCoy and Price are the answer. If they can get Haynesworth at the cheap price of a 3rd rounder, they should take it in a heartbeat. To survive in the NFL in a 4-3 you need to have 3 defensive tackles anyway, so why not make that a strength. They will still need to add a DE (or two), but Haynesworth will ensure the Buccaneers are not among the league's worst teams at getting to the quarterback.

Detroit Lions:

I know what you are saying, Haynesworth is too similar to Suh, and they already have Corey Williams next to him at DT. While DT isn't a top need for the Lions, and getting pressure on the quarterback wasn't exactly a problem last season, Haynesworth still makes some sense in Detroit. The Lions as it stands now, have a very good defensive line, if they add Haynesworth to the mix it could end up being elite. As for the 3 tackle rotation, I'm thinking that the Lions would find some ways to get all three DT's on the field at once. While their pass rush was impressive, their run defense was a bit of an issue for Detroit. With Haynesworth in the fold, they could play Suh at end (which they did do from time to time) on early downs, to make it even harder to run against the Lions. I know some people will say that Suh's and Haynesworth's overaggressive nature will lead to some broken plays for the opposing teams, but their big plays will far outweigh the bad. The Lions HC Jim Schwartz knew how to handle Haynesworth in Tenn. so he might not have an issue dealing with him now in the Motor City. My guess is a defensive coach like Schwartz will salivate at the idea of putting Suh and Haynesworth together and letting them just attack up field. I really don't know how any offensive line could block the two of them. And when you add in the Lions talented defensive ends, Detroit's defense could be unstoppable next season.

There are other teams that will be interested, but I wanted to mention two that most people assume have their DT position covered and won't be looking to make a deal. I think the need is far too great out there for the Redskins to not be able to find a trade partner. Tell me what you think? Where will Big Al, be playing next year and what do the Skins get in return?

Steve Shoup has been a Redskins fan his entire life and dreams of the day they get back to the glory days of his youth. In addition to his regular piece on Hogs Haven, you can find his daily writings at