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The Latest on the CBA, Doty Ruling, and NFLPA Negotiations

The latest ruling by Judge Doty is a huge win for the NFLPA, specifically in that the TV deals are not valid:

To review, the NFL negotiated television contracts in recent years that provided payment to the league in spite of games lost due to a 2011 lockout. Although all of these contracts - except for that of DirecTV - have setoffs in future years against payments made in a locked-out 2011, the money served as leverage for the owners to have a $4 billion war chest in the event of a work stoppage.

So, the news:

Judge David Doty has ruled that the NFL's agreement with the TV networks violates the CBA. There will be a hearing to determine whether there will be financial damages and to determine whether the league will have access to the money in the event of a lockout. As of today, the league doesn't have access to the money and we're not sure when the hearing will be.

Goodell response: 

"Today's ruling will have no effect on our efforts to negotiate a new, balanced labor agreement."

Well played. The NFL has to absolutely despise Doty at this point. He's also the judge that ruled Vick did not have to return any of his signing bonus to the Falcons from his dog days issues. So, the NFL basically just lost their Queen in this chess match. Stay tuned.