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Von Miller Quotes & Video from the Combine Further Make Me Think He'll Be a Redskin

Von Miller was a name I bounced off a lot of different media at the combine (Dallas News' Rick Gosselin in particular). All the media were in agreement that the Aggies LB could slip to number #10 and would perfectly fit the type of scheme the Redskins run. I included some video of him answering the media's questions to give you a taste of his personality. 

His weight seems to be a big issue. This past weekend he said he was up to 6'2" - 246 lbs.

"I've been working out real hard. I've been working out with Ryan Kerrigan, so that had to come from somewhere...I been eating like crazy. It's all been good weight, though....I started the season at about 243 and ended about 237." (246 now).   

Q. Why did your sacks drop so much from your junior to senior year?

"Probably because wins went up. We had a better defense this year. I had more responsibilities this year, more responsibilities in coverage. We were winning games, so the sacks really didn't matter to me. As long as we were winning games, I was good."

Q. How much did the ankle injury affect you early?

"In football, you are going to get hurt, you're going to have injuries. So honestly, it really didn't affect me none. I really couldn't go full speed or anything like that but we were still winning games. We were still playing good football, good defense.Everything was all good with me.

Q. What are you going to bring to the table for the team that picks you?

"First and foremost, I'm going to be a great teammate. I'm a team guy. That's how I play football. That's how we were able to win the games that we won at Texas A&M. We didn't have all the talent in the world, but we had a great team. We had great chemistry in the locker room. I'll be a rookie, whatever those guys me to do, I'll be happy to do it. Just find me way, find my role. Whatever it takes to get on the field, that's what I'll do."

He answered the questions like 99% of the other coached-up players there. Humble and self-less, but it was easy to tell he has a fun personality. I'm just hoping if the Redskins do draft him, he doesn't get "Jarmon'd." 

Q. Are there any NFL LBs you watch specifically?

"I like the way Clay Matthews plays. I like all those guys, DeMarcus Ware. I just try to be the best player I can be. I really can't be any of those great players but Clay Matthews, his fanatical effort to the ball and all of that stuff, I try to accumulate that into my game. I can never ever play like Clay Matthews but the way he attacks the ball, his relentless effort to the football, I can do that, though."

Q. So many teams running a 3-4 now, is this a perfect time to be coming out of a college as an outside linebacker with pass rush skills?

"It's a great time to be a linebacker. It's a great time to be a linebacker every year. I don't just label myself as an outside 3-4 linebacker. I want to be the best defensive player in this year's draft. That may be in a 3-4, a 4-3, a 5-2, I just want to play football and get on the field."